Creative Media Summer School

Virtual Music Space

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Virtual Musical Spaces in Virtual Environments

In this dynamic and interdisciplinary course, we explore the intersection of music composition, sound design, and extended environment development. Our focus is on creating immersive and expressive digital spaces where music and sonic elements come alive.

 Throughout the one-week workshop, we will delve into spatial soundscapes, interactive composition, design thinking, and the fascinating world of extended realities using Unity and Audiokinetic Wwise with Oculus VR glasses. We aim to break free from traditional musical forms, embracing generative algorithms, real-time synthesis, and adaptive music. Possible questions that might arise in this context include how to compose music that responds to user actions or environmental cues, and how the terminology of "musical instruments" could be redefined in a virtual context.

 As a member of an interdisciplinary team comprising composers, game audio designers, and XR programmers, you will develop a product prototype from scratch. This journey begins with brainstorming and conceptualization before progressing to the production and development phases. The course will conclude with a public presentation of the prototyped product on Friday afternoon.


Thomas Aichinger

Thomas Aichinger is a Spatial Audio Designer, Sound Designer, Composer and the founder of scopeaudio and Sonic Traces. He studied Media Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Salzburg and worked at several studios in Austria and Switzerland, where he was responsible for audio post production and sound design of cinema and TV productions.
During his time in Basel Thomas Aichinger gained experience in the field of multichannel sound installations working, for instance, on projects for the BMW Museum. Since 2016 Thomas focuses on designing 3D audio environments for VR/AR/XR. Recently, he released a location based augmented audio application, called SONIC TRACES, a 6DoF AR Audio Experience where users can walk through sound stories. Thomas Aichinger also teaches at the Royal Conservatory The Hague and the Central European University. /

Oliver Schmellenkamp