Creative Media Summer School

Media server & virtual production

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Location: AV Stumpfl

The path from the virtual Unreal set to the recorded camera image

Virtual productions are common these days - pre-created virtual Unreal scenes serve as backgrounds instead of green screens, allowing more flexible adjustments directly on set.

In this workshop, we work with the students to find out what role the media server has and what other technologies, such as camera tracking, are necessary in order to be able to realize a virtual studio.

As a result, what we have learned will be implemented using a small example in our small studio.


Florian Eder

Florian Eder has been part of the project and support team at AVStumpfl since 2016. Initially with Wings, he has been involved in many projects with Pixera since 2018. These projects included the worldwide use of media servers in fixed installations such as museums and showrooms, but also in the live segment such as concerts, art installations and virtual production.

Also as a trainer for the software, he has developed courses for beginners through to training courses for trainers in recent years and has built up a worldwide network of trainers for Pixera.

Oliver Hauser

Oliver has been working for AVStumpfl for over 20 years and has realised countless projects in the field of fixed installations, live events and also film shoots in VP setups during this time. During this time, Oliver became a specialist for large and extensive projects and developed a deep understanding of the complex interrelationships between the various technologies.

Since 2020, a big part of Oliver's work has been pushing Pixera in the application with Unreal which is an integral part of virtual production setups. In addition to signal processing, synchronisation, hardware design and the general requirements in VP Studios, Oliver also has a great knowledge of various tracking systems and technical challenges with Unreal Engine.

Pixera is the media server brand of AVStumpfl from Upper Austria and has established itself worldwide in recent years with workflow innovations. The media server has already been used at live concerts by Metallica and in film productions such as the Oscar winner "Poor Things". With locations in LA, Atlanta, London and the HQs in Wallern/Upper Austria, Pixera is an integral part of AV projects worldwide.