Creative Media Summer School

Smart Contracts: token creation with ERC20

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Level: Beginners with basic knowledge of programming
Location: Online via Microsoft Teams

The objective of this hands-on workshop is to understand the concept of smart contracts, blockchain technologies and finally create your very own token project on the Ethereum test network.

Following Topics are covered:

  • blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs
  • Ethereum ERC20
  • Metamask, hardware wallets, exchanges
  • programming language Solidity
  • own token project based on ERC-20 / ERC-721

You only need your own PC/laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux) to participate in this workshop.

Markus Angermann (Angermann IT-Services)

© Markus Angermann / WKÖ

Since 1998 Markus Angermann is a passionate web developer and creator of business websites based on multiple web content management systems and their interfaces. His main interest lies on several web technologies including PHP/MySQL, Node.js and also blockchain engineering.

Markus loves to teach coding skills and to dive deep into code optimization. Since 2013 he holds lectures at FHSTP und TU Vienna in different computer languages. His company Angermann IT-Services provides project consulting, web development services and IT advise to Austrian and international customers.


Example workshop results 2021:
(c) Christian Reichl & Raphael Lehner