Creative Media Summer School

Environmental Storytelling

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Level: Beginners

Location: St. Pölten UAS - A.1.12 Seminar Room (Building A) & June 24th – 25th B.0.12 Future Lab (Building B) & June 26th – 28th A.1.04 Computer Room (Building A)

ENVIRONMENTAL STORYTELLING is a method of communicating the narrative via the space available, be it a videogame or any other digital space. In this course specifically, methods for establishing the preconditions necessary to achieve the desired environmental narrative, as well as methods for implementing narrative within the interactive space will be

In Addition to that, workflows for incorporating AI into the game development process will be explored and tools for such practices introduced. The theoretical aspects introduced will be directly applied by dissecting existing games/digital products, in order to identify the intentions behind the environmental choices.


Throughout the workshop the students are to create and design a digital space and tell a small story within.

Course Contents:

• Storytelling Basics
• Storytelling in Videogames
• Worldbuilding and Coherency
• Visual Storytelling (Psychology & Practices)
• Environmental Storytelling Basics
• Environmental Storytelling in Videogames
• Generating Dialogue with AI (replica)
• Generating Pictures with AI (night café, chatGPT)


Lena Baumgartner

© Florian Stix

Lena Baumgartner is a Junior Researcher at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. Her research interests, as well as areas are separated into two branches: HCI and game design. UX and usability are her main strengths in regard to her daily work life, closely followed and enhanced by creative input through her expertise in narrative, environment and level design. She teaches 3D modelling and animation in the digital game production course.

Magdalena Boucher

© Carina Boucher

Magdalena Boucher is a Junior Researcher at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. Her research areas are in HCI and Information Visualization. In her PhD project, she builds on her background of cartoon and comic illustration and animation and researches how to enhance visualization literacy with comics. She teaches courses on Game Design and Digital Storytelling, Game Graphics and Animation, and Drawing and Design.

Stefanie Größbacher

© Florian Stix

Stefanie Größbacher is a Junior Researcher in the Media Computing Research Group at the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies (IC\M/T) at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. She is researching in the fields of usability engineering, graphic design, user-centered design and human-computer interaction.