Creative Media Summer School


Creating Augmented Comics to Leverage Storytelling and Print Media

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Level: Beginners - previous experience in graphic design & coding (Unity/C#) not mandatory but of advantage
Location: St. Pölten UAS - A.1.04 Computer Room & A.1.11 Seminar Room (Building A)

Workshop description:

The aim of this workshop is to create a mixed-media production based on comics created by Comixplain. Comixplain was developed by researchers from the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies to engage students with scientific subjects by presenting them in didactic comics. It explores storytelling and this highly graphical format to foment creativity and student engagement with the presented topic. Such comics are available on a repository from which lecturers can download, use, adapt, and distribute them as printed or PDF files.

This workshop will include:

  • Introduction: What is Comixplain?
  • Storytelling and Comics
  • Plan, create and test a layout, that can be recognized by an AR application on your phone.
  • Learn an easy approach to bring comics pages to life with animated 3D-objects, audio, video or interactive elements and publish the application.

Prior knowledge of/ requirements for participants:
Previous experience in graphic design and coding (Unity/C#) is not mandatory but would be an advantage during the workshop.

Requirements (necessary equipment):

  • Pencils (e.g. 2B, HB, 2H)
  • coloured pencils/crayon (incl. black)
  • paper (printer paper or sketch/drawing pad)
  • Laptop/PC if necessary to work in small groups
  • Install Unity (
Stefanie Mayrwöger

is a freelance communication and graphic designer with a focus on strategy, branding and web design. Stefanie supports small businesses, start-ups and solo entrepreneurs in positioning themselves best possible. Her work focuses on value and user-oriented strategies. Stefanie’s main goal is to develop sustainable design that lasts.



Alexander Schlager

is a Junior Researcher in the field of Extended Reality (XR) and has worked on several projects like "Impact", "Armeo" or "HIFE". His work contains the creation of XR-Experiences/Applications, the creation of 3D-content and the adaption of new XR-Devices and technologies.




Magdalena Boucher

is a Junior Researcher at FH St. Pölten. Her research topics are in HCI and Information Visualization. She has worked as a 2D animator and illustrator for computer games, children’s apps, and explanation videos, and for her PhD, she now researches how to use comics to enhance visualization literacy.



Christina Stoiber

is a Researcher at FH St. Pölten. Her research interests are Information Visualization (InfoVis), Human-Computer Interaction, Usability, Visualization Literacy, and Education. In her doctoral research, she developed visualization onboarding methods to support inexperienced users in comprehending data visualizations and taking full advantage of the tools.



Victor De-Jesus-Oliveira

is a Lecturer at FH St. Pölten. Victor also works on different research projects exploring situated data visualization, sonification of wearable sensor data, and quantitative UX research, among other topics in HCI. Victor worked as the lead of the project Comixplain, and is interested in solutions that can further improve teaching and learning.