Visualization of teaching and learning videos without narration

Films without narration focus on visualization. An important argument for the learning-enhancing benefits of visualization is that the memory mainly stores information in pictures. We see what we hear so that we can grasp and understand even faster. These make use of the design laws from visual communication – work with fonts, graphics, symbols that, in size and color, draw attention and allow the content to be captured more quickly. In the workshop, the participants learn the different types of explanatory films and get basic knowledge about design levels. They get to know the effect and function of image and sound and are able to define them. The focus of the workshop is the practical part with the After Effects software from Adobe. The participants get to know various tools for visualization and apply them by creating their own explanatory film.

Lecturers | University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (D)

  • Rika Fleck: Dramaturgy and visualization
  • Benjamin Härtwig: Adobe After Effects