The magic in the editing room

Level: Basic to Advanced

St. Pölten UAS

The editing room is the place where the film is made. All the material is found at the editing table and wants to be assembled. But how is tension created? How can I recognize the essence of a scene? What if the script doesn’t work? What cinematic rules do I have to follow? How do I tell time jumps? What keeps the narrative a mystery?

These are all questions I explore when editing a scene. All this and much more to analyze and work out. Our own interpretation and the emotion that arises give the montage its soul. To do this, we need to train our perception and relate our feeling to the material.

This workshop is intended to deeply explore questions of the montage, to treat them right and to answer them through your own awareness.


  • introduction
  • watching film scenes you brought with you
  • analysis
  • montage theory
  • approaching material, finding the rhythm for the film, maintaining the mystery
  • communication in the editing room, fees, technical process, sound design
  • creating a scene (participants edit themselves with and without dialogue),
  • own scene is shot and cut
  • completion

Necessary equipment:

  • a camera to film a scene (in the worst case, a smartphone that also has these functions will do)

Prior knowledge in Adobe Premiere and or AvidMedia Composer is an advantage.


Mag. Art. Birgit Foerster

© aea/ evelyn rois

Birgit Foerster was born on 10th of April 1978 in Graz. She started studying editing and directing at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in 1999 and graduated in editing with distinction in 2006. Working on montage has been the focus of Birgit Foerster’s work ever since. This allows her to bring a broad filmography in the areas of commercials, series, TV documentary, feature film and feature-length documentary.