SUMO – Creating a mixed media print production

Level: For the editorial part Beginners with higher interest in Mass Media agenda

St. Pölten UAS

The aim of this new workshop format is to create a mixed media production based on the printed magazine SUMO, which usually is developed by students of the Bachelor course Media Management and those of the optional subject SUMO (Print/Online). It focuses on various new themes in the fields of Mass Media.

Following topics are covered:

  • Introduction: What is SUMO about, which are the key audiences?
  • Writing for and editing an essentially printed Special Interest magazine
  • Plan, create and test a layout, that can be recognized by an AR application on your phone.
  • Learn an easy approach to bring magazine pages to live with animated 3D-objects, audio, video or interactive elements and publish the application.
  • Finalizing the magazine, so it is print ready.

Necessary equipment:

  • pencils (e.g. 2B, HB, 2H)
  • coloured pencils/crayon (incl. black)
  • black fineliner (example)
  • paper (printer paper or sketch/drawing pad, single sheets to take out)
  • nice to have: art eraser (example)
  • laptop/PC if necessary to work in small groups

Please prepare these items and bring them with you already on the first workshop day.


  • About SUMO:
  • SUMO to read:
  • A SUMO Release:


Roland Steiner – Profile

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Roland Steiner, MA, BA, after having being raised in the Bronx of Upper Styria, he studied Media and Communication Sciences and Italian language and Literature at the Universities of Vienna, Siena and Rome. His teaching career started in 1995 and went forward through his on-going position as a full-time Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten since 2011. Specialized in the fields of Media and Communication Studies, Media Politics, Intercultural Communications, Scientific Work, he is responsible Chief Editor of the student magazines SUMO (Bachelor Media Management) and PRaktivium (Master Digital Marketing & Communication). Before that he worked as a freelancing Journalist especially for Print- and Online Magazines (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) regarding the Artistic Spheres. Considering himself as a Novelist and Poet, Steiner received several awards. Apart of that he paints and collects minerals – that’s not so crazy neither… – and is nonetheless socially smart.

Alexander Schlager

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Schlager is a junior researcher in the Digital Technologies research group and has been working there for almost 2 years on projects in the field of virtual and mixed reality.

Website: Alexander Schlager

Stefanie Mayrwöger

© Daniela Nickmann

Stefanie Mayrwöger is a freelance communication and graphic designer with a focus on strategy, branding and web design. Stefanie supports small businesses, start-ups and solo entrepreneurs in positioning themselves best possible. Her work focuses on value and user-oriented strategies. Stefanie’s main goal is to develop sustainable design that lasts.