Report – Creative Media Summer School 2019

A Week Dedicated to Animation – In-House and External Students Chose from Numerous Workshops at the Summer Academy

At the end of June, the 8th Creative Media Summer School was completed successfully. This year’s summer academy for students of the St. Pölten UAS and from other universities focused on creative processes and theoretical reflections in animation.

The approximately 70 participants could choose from six different workshops which were held by international experts from the fields of media technology. The offered workshops each had a special focus ranging from animation, data visualisation and audio design to Blockchain and many others. The Creative Summer School made it possible for students to acquire basic skills in these fields and to implement them in practice or to gain in-depth knowledge about certain areas of expertise.

In addition, the Future Tech Bootcamp took place in parallel with the summer academy for the first time. In the framework of the Bootcamp, creative „Makers“ and representatives from the industry jointly developed ideas and projects regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.
For more information about the Future Tech Bootcamp please visit the website of Industry meets Makers.  


From Explainer Animation to Data Visualisation

In the workshops, the participants focused on different questions and tasks. They worked on animated explanatory videos and 3D scenes and developed synthesised sounds as well as sounds for the design of films and video games.

Two workshops covered Smart Contracts and Blockchain technologies including the question of how IoT & AI can be used in the industrial environment.

In addition, students acquired the principles and techniques of data visualisation, hence they know how to make complex information structures more understandable.

The participants could choose from a total of six workshops:

The programme of the Creative Media Summer School also included a guest lecture on the topic “Animation in Performance Contexts” from Erwin Feyersinger. Feyersinger is an expert in the field of audiovisual media with a focus on animation, real and hybrid films, pre-film moving images and data visualisation.


Creativity meets Technology

“The Creative Media Summer School has established itself as an important event not only for our students but also for students from our international partner universities”, says Franz Fidler, head of the Master Degree Programme Digital DesignDigital Media Production and Interactive Technologies at the St. Pölten UAS. “In the framework of the summer academy, the students benefit from working together and get the chance to share their creative potential and technical know-how in a relaxed but professional atmosphere.”

The implemented projects were presented after a week of working together intensively. And once again the great potential the students show when it comes to putting theoretical know-how into practice by working together in heterogeneous groups became clear.

The project of the Master Class Audio Design dealing with the musical rendering of a yet existing animation clip without audio samples has been selected as an example.

Workshop Playlist