Looks In TV Fiction

Level: Intermediates with knowledge of cinematography

The objective of this workshop is to enable the participants to create a professional postproduction pipeline in accordance with industry standards and use it to creatively underline the narrative and tone intended by the overall production

Following Topics are covered:

  • Introduction the basics of color grading and Look Management
  • Analysing and describing Looks
  • Exploring different workflows
  • Log Shooting
  • RAW workflow
  • LUTs
  • Software
  • Data handling
  • Inverted classroom
  • Applying theoretical knowledge to prior produced footage
  • Lessons learned

Monday: Introduction and theoretical Basics
Tuesday: Research and presentation on topics mentioned above
Wednesday: Compiling an appropriate workflow
Thursday: Hands on
Friday: Presentations

Postproduction Studio


Gerhard Riesenhuber, Rosa von Suess, Lars Oertel