Lighting for camera

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Level: Beginners with basic knowledge of operating a camera

St. Pölten UAS

The workshop examines the fundamentals of lighting for camera and covers more advanced topics in this domain. The main goal of the workshop is to produce a photography or video project with a focus on lighting within the week. This process is backed up with theoretical subjects such as:

  • Basics of lighting including physics & electricity.
  • Portrait & interview lighting
  • Perception of light
  • Outdoor shoots
  • History of light in paintings and movies
  • Catch/ eyelight
  • Grip
  • Analyzing photographs and film scenes

The workshop does cover lighting for photography, but its main focus is on teaching lighting for moving pictures.


Even though it is expected that you have some experience in lighting for camera, the workshop also covers the basics of lighting. Therefore advanced knowledge is not required. However, it is necessary that you know how to operate and expose a camera manually.

Further requirements:

  • Computer with MS Teams for remote courses.
  • Camera (at least smartphone) if working entirely remote.


Florian Senekowitsch

Throughout his career as a filmmaker Florian Senekowitsch has been working as a gaffer & light technician, a cameraman and in post-production. Harnessing these extensive experiences, he later worked as a set & production manager and finally as a director und producer for live films and music videos and as an art director for some of Austria’s most famous music acts.

Florian Senekowitsch worked for and with Wanda, Voodo Jürgens, Lemo, Crack Ignaz, Marie Spaemann, ORF, arte, ZDF, A1, Neuland films, DoRo Productions, Universal Austria and many more. Currently he converts his skills into the 3D world, working as a cinematic and lighting artist.