Creative Media Summer School 2017

International Summer Academy

Last week at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences the 6th Creative Media Summer School took place. For students of St. Pölten UAS and other universities the central themes of this Summer Academy were: artistic practice, creative processes and theoretical reflections in the context of creative media technologies.

Internationally staffed workshops

In the workshops participants were able to acquire basic skills or deepen their existing knowledge. Internationally renowned lecturers and docents of St. Pölten UAS offered a high-quality programme and up-to-date knowledge.

The workshops covered the following topics:

Natural Environments with Maya Paint Effects (Martin Schinzel, A)

The objective of this workshop was to design and create an animated 3D-Scene resembling a natural Environment by using Autodesk Maya with Paint Effects and Mental Ray Rendering Engine.

Arduino interactive (Christian Munk, A, Maarten Luyts, B, Marc Smets, B)

The workshop introduced participants to new ways of working with digital cameras – from animations and stop motions to experimental photography and much more.

Telling Stories with Data (Florian Halm, Wolfgang Aigner, Mario Zeller, A)

In this workshop, participants got to know principles, techniques and skills to visually represent data and information in order to make complex information structures more comprehensible, facilitate new insights and enable knowledge discovery.

Pixilation & Performance (Paul Wenninger, A)

Pixilation is a stop motion technique where live actors are used as a frame-by-frame subject in an animated film. The workshop „Pixilation & Performance“ introduced the basic technical possibilities with respect to camera movement using computer controlled camera cranes, 3D sliders and step motors in combination with reflex cameras and different lenses.

Procedural Audio in Animation (Michael Iber, D, Patrick Lechner, A)

In procedural audio, physical processings are modeled, beginning with the emulation of foot steps or rattles, reaching up to the simulation of the human vocal tract. Among its major advantages is the creation of sounds that can be dynamically adjusted in terms of speed and impact independently of recorded samples.

Looks in TV Fiction (Rosa von Suess, D, Lars Oertel, D, Gerhard Riesenhuber, A)

The objective of this workshop was to enable the participants to create a professional postproduction pipeline in accordance with industry standards and to use it to creatively underline the narrative and tone intended by the overall production.

„The Creative Media Summer School was once again a great success. External and internal participants come together in heterogeneous groups in which people with different personal backgrounds and different expertise work together and learn from each other. I am very pleased that we were also able to welcome six international students from our partner universities this year“, said Franz Fidler, director of the study programme Digital Media Technologies at St. Pölten UAS.

Workshops Playlist


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