Arduino Interactive

Level: Beginners

The workshop will show you a new field to work with your digital camera. It will give you different possibilities to interfere with your camera and add different sensors to it. It can be used for animations, stop motions and also for experimental photography and much more.
The remote we build can be used with your owncamera to create your own pictures and animations.

Your camera has to fit to the remote, so read the following description carefully!

The material fee is about 90 euros for this workshop.

Download workshop description


Lecturers Christian Munk, Maarten Luyts and Marc Smets

Christian Munk


Designer, Developer, Artist
Born 1982

After the technical education at the HTL in the field of mechanical engineering Munk developed in the artistic direction of experimental media at the Institute for Media Production in St. Pölten and connects these fields together now.
“My personal goal is processed down to the smallest detail designed products and installations that are durable and which in their form and function have not existed until now.”

CV Christian Munk
Website Christian Munk

Maarten Luyts

Maarten Luyts is a lecturer and researcher at AP University College (Antwerp, Belgium) where he teaches courses about embedded devices with the help of Arduino. The focus of his research is about the Internet of  Things. The goals is to make the school a living lab where we can increase the students experience with connected devices. Maarten also coaches student projects about the Internet of Things.


Marc Smets

Marc Smets is lector at AP Hogeschool Antwerpen just like Maarten Luyts. He gives courses in Digital electronics and is guiding projects of “Internet Of Things” and “Smart Systems” together with Maarten Luyts. Marc Smets also gives a course under the name PCB-design where students are learning to make electronic systems from scratch. The goal is to still his students‘ fear of hardware and get them interested in electronics and enthusiastic about it.