360° VR Film Production

Level: Beginners

The students will work on their own creative 360 video project. We will accompany this process by giving technical and creative inputs and guidance.

You will learn the basics of 360° VR Film Production.
The technical aspects will cover planning, shooting, post production and publishing Content-wise we will explore techniques of idea-finding, prototyping, conception and interaction design.



Andreas Fraunberger

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Junge Römer Inc. Creative Studio. Media Theorist. Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna . Producer of benchmark interactive and cross media projects for the media and tourism industries. Accounts: ProSieben Sat.1 Media Group Munich, Red Bull TV, Servus TV, Disney, ORF, ARTE, BR, SRF and more.  Recently working on interactive 360 degree video projects.


Philipp König

Managing Director, Art Director at Junge Römer GmbH.
Studied : MultiMediaArt, FH Salzburg. Studium Film at University of São Paulo
Art Director of many awarded Online campagns and transmedia projects.
Awarded Director of Photography of nummerous Short Films, Ads and Documentaries
Specialist in High End VR 360° Video Production (Nokia OZO, Various Ricks, Post Production, Drones)


Junge Römer is a Creative Production Studio based in Vienna, Austria. We earn our living by creating beautiful digital stuff.
Everything we do is connected to the web and based on the newest technologies. We have a strong sense for design, interactive ideas and great coffee. And we’re always thirsty for more.

Junge Römer 360 VR Videoproduktion

Impressions of our latest project „Escape Velocity“


Johannes Winkler

Research Assistant, Institut für Creative\Media/Technologies, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences